Middle of November 24°C at 01:30am

I’m sat here, on my balcony, at 01:30am and it’s 24°C. The weather app I use costs me €5 a year for the advanced version but it tells me every day is 25°C… in reality it swings between 21°C and 30°C+… the night cool off in January but it’s still. British summer night 17°C… our pool has solar hearting and we can now swim throughout the winter, even though we can see snow on the Teide (3,718m)…

I know I don’t post as much as I should…

Here’s some pictures:


5:2 Near Starvation Diet day one

In a blog for medical staff studying the effects of multiple sclerosis, MSTranslate, I read an article about the benefits of “rebooting” the immune system using the fasting mimicking diet (FMD). It explained results of a small study of MS sufferers who benefited from a virtual reboot of the immune system.  The FMD is fasting for 5 days a month unlike the Fast Diet 5:2 which suggests to eat normal and healthy on five days and fast for two non consecutive days taking in only 50% of your basic metabolic rate (BMR). So… We decided to try the 5:2 Near Starvation Diet (NSD) copyright Timothy Dowd (c) 2016.

Near Starvation Diet: is a hybrid of the FMD and the 5:2 FD

So… Day one breakfast