5:2 Near Starvation Diet day one

In a blog for medical staff studying the effects of multiple sclerosis, MSTranslate, I read an article about the benefits of “rebooting” the immune system using the fasting mimicking diet (FMD). It explained results of a small study of MS sufferers who benefited from a virtual reboot of the immune system.  The FMD is fasting for 5 days a month unlike the Fast Diet 5:2 which suggests to eat normal and healthy on five days and fast for two non consecutive days taking in only 50% of your basic metabolic rate (BMR). So… We decided to try the 5:2 Near Starvation Diet (NSD) copyright Timothy Dowd (c) 2016.

Near Starvation Diet: is a hybrid of the FMD and the 5:2 FD

So… Day one breakfast


OK so here is the first and it’s a ready meal 🙂

Although the croquettes here in Tenerife are not the frozen lumps of instant mash they are elsewhere… These were “homemade” cod and spinach from the local Mercadonna supermarket. Deep fried for 10 minutes in vegetable oil. Served with dips and raw veg…

  • 12 croquettes €3
  • Red pepper (half) 50¢
  • Two sticks of celery 20¢
  • Bread, garlic and dips 30¢ approx.