Tim and Christine Dowd
The adventure begins…
OK, here we are sitting in a lovely kitchen in a small town in Bavaria… The decision has been made to move to Tenerife in the Canary Islands. This story starts with a deep look into what we really want out of life and how to get it…


We asked the question “what are we going to do when we retire?” For me that was thirteen years in the future. I looked at Christine, then I looked at my fat bald unhealthy body and thought… Will we make it?

Christine and I were quite healthy about ten years ago, but then MS struck and Chris went downhill pretty quick. She is stable now but the illness progresses slowly but, unfortunately, surely. A discussion in the garden last summer got us thinking… We need our time together now… Not in ten to fifteen years… So the question changed “what is the earliest date I can retire?”

Again, we had discussions about when the house would be paid for, how much money we would need and where would we be… So we took money out if the equation and asked where do we want to be and what do we want to do… The answer was surprising…

Christine wants to get up with the sunshine, freshen up, have a leisurely breakfast on the terrace and then “schlunz” on a recliner and listen to her audiobook. Evenings she wants to eat a light dinner and maybe have a glass of wine then retire to bed to do it all over again the next day… Regular visitors and house guests would help keep up with current affairs and supply diversity in daily life…

I wanted to get up with the sunshine go down to the market and pick up breakfast and something light for dinner. Help Christine freshen up and make a breakfast on the terrace. Work at a menial job from noon to six to cover medical and social security then come home and make Chris a light dinner and have a glass of wine… How much will this cost? Where can we do this?

So the idea was born… The answer to the question where was easy… As Chris does not like the hot summers and cold winters we decided the canary islands were a good bet… Rent on a small apartment would be covered by her disablement pension and I would only have to feed us…

Here we are on the cusp of expectation with a plan and enough “mut” to take the Toro by the horns…

This is our story…


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