Pictures from the last few weeks…


One thought on “Pictures from the last few weeks…

  1. Simon Streffing says:

    Hey Timothy.

    Days, weeks… months. Time is running Dude.
    I checked your blog a few minutes ago after a very long time and I saw that you has been in Regensburg a few weeks ago. Damn. I should reinstate facebook again… :-/

    Stephanie, my girlfriend, and I are leaving Regensburg too. Next year we are going back to the lake Chiemsee where I grew up. Back home…
    We combine the relocation with a biig holiday. We are going to Thailand for 8 Weeks. Yeehah. I already bought a gopro to do some awesome videos. Maybe I also start a blog 😉

    I promise to check your site more often in the next time, so I will not miss one of your following visits in Regensburg.

    Have a nice day, and greetings to your lady.


    Simon Streffing

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