5:2 Near Starvation Diet day one

In a blog for medical staff studying the effects of multiple sclerosis, MSTranslate, I read an article about the benefits of “rebooting” the immune system using the fasting mimicking diet (FMD). It explained results of a small study of MS sufferers who benefited from a virtual reboot of the immune system.  The FMD is fasting for 5 days a month unlike the Fast Diet 5:2 which suggests to eat normal and healthy on five days and fast for two non consecutive days taking in only 50% of your basic metabolic rate (BMR). So… We decided to try the 5:2 Near Starvation Diet (NSD) copyright Timothy Dowd (c) 2016.

Near Starvation Diet: is a hybrid of the FMD and the 5:2 FD

So… Day one breakfast


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