End of the summer season…

Well here we are in September and the “swallows” are returning to Tenerife. I don’t just mean the birds but also the people who spend the winter here.

Midnight Cabaret

Miss Crystal Starr a.k.a. David Ormrod at Crystal’s Palace

The nightclub I’ve been supporting on a Wednesday Midnight Cabaret has started getting busy and we mutually decided my family magic show was not the best fit for the “clientele”. The show starts off with an early doors singer, then the drag artist/owner playfully mocks the crowd in between singing anthems and classics… My family magic show is “different” “interesting” but the energy in the club reduces and the required attention to what’s going on is lost… BANG…! On with the show and a card based Bingo round pays the lucky thirteen winner four times the “purse” for “breaking a leg”. ‘Twas fun but the fat lady has sung on this one…

Back to the hotel circuit… 

If you can call it that… At the moment it’s a circuit of one… 

Pearly Grey a.k.a. Perla Gris in Callao Salvaje

 This gig is really good… Mainly because it’s just around the corner and the guests are already “home” they’re fed and watered and the “turn” comes on for free so everyone who wants to be in the restaurant is in the restaurant… Those still enjoying the warm weather are outside… This might change soon, because the nighttime temperatures drop in the “winter”. 

My favorite Bar-Co…


Javi and me… this guy is a culinary miracle


Manu, the boss… we have a connection

 GASTRO-BAR BARCO in Playa Paraíso, Adeje is the hidden jewel in the village which will host the new 5+Star Hard Rock Hotel… Watch out for this gastronomic experience, and if you visit, this is a must… Call me and I’ll pick you up… You get a taxi home though…

Christine: The love of my life…


first of many Tapas at Barco

Chris is very happy and we swim most days… Sitting on the balcony is our favorite pastime… She’s doing great with learning Spanish but doesn’t trust herself to jump into the conversation yet… We decided to lean a few “pat” phrases so she can show off next time we’re out and about with Spaniards…

As always… Random pictures of food


Homemade Scotched Eggs [sic]


Definitively the best croquettes in the world…


French Salad with Bacon & Egg


Sectreto Iberico… (its a secret)

 Comment and share… I welcome your feedback…


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