Back online 

wow…! It’s been a funny summer. Not blogged much and not much happened apart from my iPhone smashing and my iPad grinding to a halt… More on that later…

Las Americas

Fit by Fifty Five…

Had a bit of a birthday bash last night September 12th. We went to our favorite bar in Playa Paraíso “Gastro-Bar Barco”… Went with friends and neighbors…


Manuel & Javi in the background… Robero & Nicole, Geoff & Donna (right)


Had a great meal of lobster paella

On the job front…

I’m still working a couple of nights a week, last night on The Pearly Grey Ocean Club and Wednesday’s I do the midnight cabaret at Crystal’s Palace…


Pearly Grey

Ready to go on stage


Now for the iPhone story:

My iPhone was slightly loose when I bought it… I told the shop and they said because I had ordered it I could only have it exchanged by Apple inc.  as there is no Apple Store in the Canaries, it meant sending it away. So I said I’ll be alright, and took the phone anyway… One day it fell out of my pocket getting undressed at the pool and a very small crack appeared on the top left corner. I was not phased by this as it did not detract from the usage… Five months after I bought it I returned from the pool, leaving my phone at home I thought it would be safer, and found the screen totally cracked from the bottom…


I honestly do not know how this happened…!

I had to take it to a certified Apple reseller in Santa Cruz they tried to register the phone for repair and couldn’t because according to the Apple records it was still being used by a Russian with the email v****** This made me suspicious and I approached the shop where I got it. The Owner was very helpful and contacted his supplier, who did not give a satisfactory answer to the question “Whe did this iPhone come from?”. So I got my money back…! All’s well that ends well…


taken with my new iPhone, notice the iPad too 😉


Random pictures of food…



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