Middle of June

well it’s the middle of June and I still haven’t blogged. So what’s been happening since the Siam Incident incident?

Answer: nothing much except Stephanie came to visit wow…! Her boyfriend eventually got the visa and spent three weeks in Germany and one week with us.


Steph & Kassim viewing La Gomera from Alcalá

Kassim returned to Ghana and Stephanie is now back at college in Bayreuth. 

It’s been so quiet in May and June that I have have no work so I treated it like a holiday… Yay!


Our new chairs at the beach at Callao Salvaje 

And there’s always time for a little bit of bacon and eggs

 We did have one incident. Christine had an appointment at the hospital in Santa Cruz, 40 minutes before the appointment was due they called to cancel. Well not actually cancel but moved to Friday after next that means we need to travel there again and we need to take the translator with us which cost us money the first time and will cost us more the second time. #annoying. 

Well that’s enough for now here’s a picture that will mean something to friends in Wenzenbach and especially for HP… 😎



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