Sorry for the post hiatus…

I know I’ve not been posting lately so here are a few pictures about what’s been going on since we last spoke. 


Crazy Clouds

It’s been the coldest winter since records began I’m we’ve been having some really weird weather. In fact last week we had a heat wave which brought temperatures way up into the high 30’s °C…


Parlour Show and Close-Up

March,  saw me getting a new gig at a local Gastro-Bar. Barco in Playa Paraíso it’s a wonderful Spanish restaurant, The owner, Manuel, and his two brothers are from Madrid. The theme of the bar is typical Spanish with free tapas with every beer and wonderful food cooked in the traditional way. As a special treat for Christine they even serve Paulaner weizen on draft. 


The Croquettes are my favourite 

Stephanie came for a visit unfortunately her boyfriend couldn’t make it because his visa didn’t come through in time but they’re coming in June again. 


Yay Stephanie…

We got some new flowers for the balcony. 

I got the new iPhone and some new lenses from olloclip. Here are some pictures of Las Americas and Los Cristianos. 


Christine wanted to buy some aloe vera products so we looked for the shop up the mountain we found it and she bought lots. They were quite expensive but she says they are worth it. 


Someone looking pleased…

We started getting homesick for German food so we went to Lidl and bought bratwurst, sauerkraut and we already had weizen. Christine’s mom had already sent us some dried Knödels.  We also went to the supermarket and bought Werther’s Echte. Eventually we had to find a German dentist. 




I think we need some schnapps before we go   


We have started eating healthy breakfasts full of fruits. 


Since May 1st.  we’ve been swimming regularly. 


Farmer’s tan…

Today I got a special Tapa… Calemares con su tinta… Squid in its own Ink…

The weather is beautiful and the evenings are lovely and warm; for all those of you who can’t be with us, don’t be grumpy.  Goodnight… 



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