…and November became December

Hello people, a lot has happened this month.

Firstly ignorance is expensive…! I was able to take my unemployment insurance abroad for three months, which ended in September… I managed to get it extended for a further, and final, three months to the end of December… The extension papers from Germany didn’t reach me until the end of October, but they had already paid the October money into my account… I took the papers to the “oficina de empleo” on November 3rd which was the earliest appointment I could get…


me looking annoyed

They told the german authorities that I was not available for work during October because I hadn’t been to sign on. I explained that I did not have the papers… Spain says that I should have signed on anyway, Germany says give us the money back…!

So, ignorance is expensive…!


Schafkopf Buddies

On a positive note, Christine’s card playing buddies arrived (minus one) and we had a great time… They played cards while I was able to go down the pub without a conscience… 🙂

The Christmas stress was non existent this year as we only had to cater for the two of us… We Skyped with the Germans and FaceTimed with the Brits and a good time was had by all…

I leave you now with the standard pictures of food…






One thought on “…and November became December

  1. Claudia Giegold says:

    Hallo Christine & Tim

    Wir wünschen Euch auch ein gutes gesundes Neues Jahr 2015 ! Euere Homepage ist ja großartig..man fühlt sich irgendwie als könne man ein wenig von Euerem Alltag teilnehmen., so toll ist das geschrieben und bebildert. Ihr habt wirklich das Richtige getan 🙂
    Eine tolle Aussicht und ein besseres Wetter auf jeden Fall. Habt ihr auch Kontakt zu Einheimischen ? glg Claudia & Tom

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