Wow November Already

Sorry to all my friends who are following this blog… I have been busy getting legal, insured, taking Christine to the special MS Clinic in Santa Cruz & and generally running a home…

That and a few visitors has kept us pretty busy…


Me getting legal…

So, getting legal was a bit of a struggle, but we managed it in the end… I am now registered as a resident which allows me to register with the local health authority so I now have basic healthcare… I am still registered unemployed as the Argentur für Arbeit extended my job seekers allowance until the end of December… Finding a job with a contract here is nigh impossible.

I will have to register self employed in January, or become a dependent of Christine to carry on receiving healthcare… Decision, decisions…!





Some Nice Visitors…

We have had many visitors, not all stayed with us and to be truthful, we prefer that… It’s also better for the visitors because we are not on vacation…

Some friends from my sisters clique arrived and unexpectedly rented a villa 350m away :)… Another long time friend arrived for a long weekend so we hooked up for coffee and cakes… Then my Brother Mark and his wife Vicky arrived at a 5* hotel in the next village… Then Jackie, my sister arrived and we got our drinking heads on :), now the son of a very old friend is visiting and we met up for lunch (I’m his godfather, but a very bad one). Next week three gamblers are coming to play Christine at Schafkopf hope she wins 🙂

We bought a car… We looked at used cars and the prices we’re astronomical for what you get… 10 to 15 year old cars for 5000 to 10000 Euros…!

A new one keeps its value and is more reliable… Invest in ourselves…




Puegeot Partner Automatic

The Weather has been fantastic and it has only rained twice since July, lots of overcast days but that’s just the way we like it… One or two days we had the Calima which is a very hot wind carrying sand from the Sahara… We hit over 40°C


Keeping in Touch using FaceTime…

We keep in touch using FaceTime from Apple, if anyone is interested message me on here and I will give you my address…

Finally, some random pictures:




Our Favourite Place on the Prom…

If you’re wondering what Jax & Chris are looking at… See below…!


Goodbye for now…!


Tim & Christine


One thought on “Wow November Already

  1. Ilka says:

    Hallo Christine und Tim,
    noch keine Nachrichten, wie ihr euch auf Teneriffa auf Weihnachten vorbereitet? Seid ihr immer noch mit Besuchern beschäftigt?
    Liebe Gruesse,

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