First month gone

Well, the first months is past and we have our furniture and Stephanie came to visit… what could be better…?


This is Stephanie looking across the inlet to one of the hotels on the promenade (Mark and Vic, you could stay here…) we went for a walk on the last day of her stay and she wants to come back and swim… 🙂


We also visited Candelaria and the Basilica there the wind is very strong on this coast and the waves are magnificent…


This is the front at Callao Salvaje where we live… they have spruced this area up a bit but it is still pretty new, it will look better in a few years when the plants have grown…


Sunset from our balcony… these houses are on the opposite side to us and we look out on them of an evening… when the sun sets the colours are fantastic…


Steak and potatoes… yum yum… Jamie Oliver saved my steak on more than one occasion but the tip with the garlic and the butter was the best… get the griddle pan on medium high heat FOR AT LEAST 10 MINUTES, season the steak with sea salt and pepper (no oil) turn the steak every minute until it’s the way you like it… on the last turn rub with half a clove of garlic, smear with a nut of butter and “whip” it with rosemary… move to a plate for resting (the same time as it cooked) drizzle with olive oil and lemon juice…



Papas Canarias (Canary Island Potatoes) are boiled for 20 minutes in water with a LOT of sea salt… I know it’s expensive in Germany but well worth it… served with mojo rojo and mojo verde (red chilli and green cilantro sauce)


…and how is this for the price… check out the size and weight too… 740g (over 1.5 pounds of beef)


after all that cooking we have to go for a stroll and this is our favourite spot on the beach in Callao Salvaje… yes I know it’s not a beach but just look at the view in the second picture…





Breakfast and Tapas on the balcony…


Now my favourite part of living next to the sea… fresh fish in sea salt… it’s a great way to cook fish and one of the easiest…  get the fish de-gilled and cleaned, stuff it with aromatic herbs and lay it on a bed of sea salt which has been mixed with a tablespoon of water, an egg, fennel seeds and lemon peel…, cover the fish and place it in a very hot oven for 15 minutes… check to see if the fish is cooked by sticking a knife into the thickest part and touching your lip… ouch… it’s done… leave it out of the oven for ANOTHER 10 MINUTES… it finishes cooking in its own little oven…




can you see the knife wound…?


served on cous-cous with onion, mint and feta cheese…


Finally I tried a paella, king prawns, cockles, chorizo, chicken and lemon… yum yum… apart from that I am eating well but loosing weight… 5 KG up to now 🙂 healthy living…


This week we are trying to finally get registered at the health center… end of the month recidencia… stay tuned…


4 thoughts on “First month gone

  1. Artur Meller says:

    Hallo Tim und Christine,

    hervorragende Berichterstattung – tolle Bilder. Hoffentlich wird das von euch weiter so dokumentiert. Wünsche euch weiterhin alles Gute – geniest die Zeit.

    Artur Meller, Infineon RBG, Yip

  2. Hi Tim,

    Been thinking of you a lot recently, after/during frequent trips to Manchester.

    Great to see and read that everything seems to pan out fine.

    One day, Sylvia and I will follow suit, Albeit on Northern shores (a cottage in the Shetlands?).

    All the best, and keep up the magic!!!

    Robert (ex Irish Harp)

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