We’ve arrived…!

So… Here we are in Tenerife. We arrived Wednesday night at midnight and got a taxi home… Opening the door we found a welcome light on… Beer, butter, milk, bread, marmalade, eggs and tea, coffee, sugar plus some biscuits from our new neighbours… Thank you…! They even lent us some utensils to cook and eat…


Next morning I went out early and found a French bakery… We have two in the village but I have only tried one up to now…

I went to rent a car… €30 to €40 a day is the norm but I got talking with the father of the rental car place and he suggested a long term rent on an “old banger” for €300 a month, so I took him up on it… Dents all over and stained seats but runs like a dream…

Went shopping and found dirt cheap seafood as you might expect, but fresh sardines, prepared right in front of you for €1.35 a kilo (about 8 sardines) is plenty with a bit of bread and some new potatoes Canarias style… Dinner for less than €5 and that’s including wine, water and a shot of brandy…


I bought a toaster grill and prepared grilled cheese Thursday and fajitas on Friday… Tonight we are making honey chicken with garlic prawns for starters… again for under a €5’er…!

Sunday tomorrow… Eating out… Pictures to follow…

Next week: Spanish bureaucracy… How I coped…


8 thoughts on “We’ve arrived…!

  1. Hans-Peter Leberkern says:

    Schon von euch zu sehen und lesen. Liebe Gruesse aus der alten Heimat Sabine und Hans-Peter

  2. shawn says:

    Wow the prices for food there seem very reasonable, I would never have thought this to be the case on an island! I would love to hear more about the costs of things, how good the selection is at the grocery store compared to back home, and other aspects of day to day life in future posts. I really enjoy your blog; I can’t remember how I stumbled onto it but am happy that I did.

  3. Andrea says:

    Hallo Christine und Tim, der Sonnenuntergang sieht klasse aus !

    Christine: ich glabue mich zu erinnern, dasss HEUTE dein 50. ter Geburtstag ist: Happy Birthday – alles alles Gute und für heute eine Tag ganz nach deinem Geschmack und Vorstellung. Beste Wünsche von Andrea

  4. Manu says:

    This does look fantastic! Great to hear you arrived and are starting to settle in!
    All the best and keep blogging! ❤

  5. Ilka says:

    Hallo Christine und Tim,

    danke für die Fotos und Berichte. Was für nette Nachbarn! Wenn die Beamten in Spanien nur halb so nett sind, wird nächste Woche ein Kinderspiel. Schöne Grüße bei 14°C (gefühlt: 8°C) aus München von Ilka

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