OK, we did it…!

We just rented an apartment in a coastal town of Callao Salvaje in Adeje, on the island of Santa Cruz De Tenerife in the Canary Islands, Spain.


The community is called Callao Beach… Not as you would expect Playa de Callao… It has nine buildings and a community pool area, underground garage and is close to the amenities…


It’s a two bedroom one bathroom apartment on the third floor with a wrap around balcony which gets the sun all day… The sun rises late over the Roque del Conde and sets late over the island of La Gomera. As an avid cook I was really pleased to see a fully equipped kitchen area where I can close the door… 🙂












3 thoughts on “OK, we did it…!

  1. Hilary says:

    So the big question I’m curious about is what are you doing with all of your “stuff”? Is the apartment furnished? If not, are you moving your “stuff” with you? Storing it? Selling it? Combination of all of the above? Stuff is the biggest impediment to moving, would love your thoughts on that.

  2. Hi Hil… Good question… We decided to get rid of everything and start a new life… Stephanie can take what she wants the rest is for sale or the skip… We are taking the bed, one desk, some electric stuff (TV, iMac…) and my magic show… The flat is furnished but they will store it in the cellar when our furniture arrives plus we bought a sofa bed and a recliner so the flat now sleeps four guests 🙂

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