Quick update from Bavaria…

We came back to Bavaria and sorted all the thinks we’ve seen in Tenerife and have decided on a particular coast…

Although Los Christianos and Playa Las Americas are nice for a holiday I can’t see us actually living in the center of the tourist paradise… So we are looking at apartments from about La Caleta north to Puerto de Santiago…

Our real estate agent is looking now but she said that more apartments will come onto the market in April and May… So we need to be patient. Here are some requirements just in case you know of anyone who has an apartment for rent in the above areas…

  1. It has to be able to take our bed with wheelchair access to the left (the right if you are stood at the foot as in the picture)
  2. The terrace or large balcony must be accessible without a high threshold (up to 2cm)
  3. The bathroom has to have a shower which has easy access or a bath with enough space to park a wheelchair next to it
  4. Entrance to the bathroom needs to be easily accessible (imagine you are pushing a supermarket shopping trolley)
  5. Of course the whole community must be wheelchair accessible (so you have to take your trolley with you everywhere)
  6. If these basic requirements are not met then you are “off your trolley”



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