After breakfast we “schlunzt” until one… The we decided to explore the island… LOST… the series… Geddit…? 10 minutes later… [Chris] “I need the loo…” So we went back to the hotel… The dilemma was do I hit the pool bar or wait…?

Wife 1:0 Husband

We drove up to Puerto de Santiago where we saw a nice apartment block online, but in real life it was a victim of the banking crisis and even the supermarket was closed… The only shop left was the tobacconist and liquor store… Lotto and booze…! We met some people from Leeds who have just moved here after holidaying regularly for fifteen years… and they recommend the climate…



We then drove back to Los Christianos and had a drink in a local which seemed to be full of… Well… Locals…! We’d been here before and had great sardines and thought, because it was a national holiday last time that it was just a special occasion, but no, this is the much sought after local bar… Geheimtipp… Not telling…

Back to the hotel after a quick drive through Torviscas… Nice pedestrianized zone… English breakfast and a beer for 2.99…

Chris had a siesta… I had an “al fresca” (OK, it’s al fresco but who is checking…?) changed paper to money in the pool bar before going over the road to the restaurant we saw last night for a fish mixed grill (the spell checker didn’t get the typo and that was nearly a mixed frill…) they convinced us to have the lobster and I’m glad we did… Maybe mixed frill tomorrow…?


On the balcony now, enjoying the sound of the sea…

Nighty night… Adventure Fortsetzung folgt…


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